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Thailan Patton

Experience Architect  //  Problem solver since birth

Hello! I’m a Senior Manager, Experience Architect that has been working at Salesforce for a couple years. I’m a creative and optimistic thinker that loves to empower companies and others to explore their potential.


I’m a natural host that loves to cook and entertain. I also love to travel with my husband, drink coffee, and gratuitously talk about our dog, Phoebe, because she’s really hard to hate.


Demystifying Senior health​

Medicare is hard. Designing a solution to help seniors easily find the solution that fits their needs.

Key Skills - Wireframing, Ideation, User Testing, Design Sprints

Always one step ahead of the customer

Helping the customer reach their final goal by anticipating their next steps. Finding ways to  better use data in customer journeys.

Key Skills - Strategy, Architecting, Prototyping, Journey Mapping

Ensuring designer success

A key piece of our design platform. Building a standardized design process and making new project a cinch to start.

Key Skills - Coding, Learning, Process Building

Creating a sustainable design platform

Mutual of Omaha has complex needs. Putting the puzzle pieces together to make content creation an easy, frictionless experience.

Key Skills - Heuristic Problem Solving, Leadership, Multitasking, UI Design

Cultivating a user centered culture

Creating a framework for innovation, team building and empathy. A cross-discipline week of UX exercises and learning.

Key Skills - Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Creative Thinking


About Me

Dog dad. Chef and foodie. Coffee lover. Video game enthusiast. Classically trained pianist. Consummate host. Table setter. Optimist. Silly person. 

Let's Collaborate.

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